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About Dig Music

What is Dig Music?

Dig Music is a digital radio station, which on April 30, 2014, will be rebranded as Double J.

We'll be playing new music - and celebrating the iconic music you grew up with, bringing you classic interviews and live recordings from the massive triple j archives.

How do I listen to Dig Music? 

There are a number of ways to enjoy Dig Music.

- Hit the 'Listen Live' button on this site to stream Dig Music on your mobile, tablet or computer 

- Scan for 'Dig Music' on your digital radio (check your location coverage on a map)

- Jump in on your digital television - look for Channel 200 on free-to-air TV 

- Download the ABC Radio app for iPhone and Android

How much data am I using when I listen on mobile or home internet

The live stream is between 64-128kbps. That’s between about 30-60MB per hour, the same as downloading an album of MP3s, or watching up to half an hour of online video.  

How can I find the details of a song I heard on Dig Music? 

You can browse recent songs and search the Dig Music playlist by time and day, artist or song name. 

How can I contact Dig Music?

Easy - use our Contact Form