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Bliss are a pop group from Coventry, England. Biography: Bliss was founded in 1986 by vocalist Rachel Morrison and bassist Paul Ralphes, who were the primary songwriters. Apart from the two founder members, the group also consisted of Paul Sirett (guitars), Chris Baker (drums) and Roger Askew (keyboard, piano, Hammond organ). In 1987 they released two singles on the label Survival, "I Hear You Call" and "Your Love Meant Everything". Between March and September 1988 the quintet recorded their debut album, Loveprayer, which was released through Parlophone/EMI in 1989 and which also featured a number of session musicians.Loveprayer failed to make an impact in the U.S. and the UK, but saw success in Europe, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. By the time they recorded their sophomore effort, 1991's A Change in the Weather, Tommy Schmieder had taken over on guitar and Michael Witzel on drums. A Change in the Weather was produced by Rupert Hine and featured guest appearances from Paul...


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