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Buffalo Tom


Wikipedia Biography

Buffalo Tom is an alternative rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, formed in 1986. Its principal members are guitarist Bill Janovitz, bassist Chris Colbourn, and drummer Tom Maginnis. The band's name is derived from the band Buffalo Springfield and the first name of the drummer. Career: Buffalo Tom began with a friendship at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst among students Chris Colbourn, Tom Maginnis, and Bill Janovitz. Another friendship with guitarist/frontman J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. helped the band's career to take off by assisting with the production on the band's first two albums. Mascis also played lead guitar on the song "Impossible" from Buffalo Tom's self-titled debut. Buffalo Tom became one of the more popular alternative rock bands by the mid 1990s: "Big Red Letter Day" (1993) peaked at #8 and "Sleepy Eyed" (1995) peaked at #4 on the Heatseekers chart. Their album, Big Red Letter Day, peaked at #17 in the UK Albums Chart in October 1993. The band...


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