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Chris Bailey


Wikipedia Biography

Chris Bailey is the co-founder and singer of rock band The Saints. He was born in Nanyuki, Kenya in 1959 to Irish parents. Bailey grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland until the age of seven, when his family emigrated to Australia. The Saints were formed in Australia in 1974. Their first hit was in the UK with the classic punk anthem "(I'm) Stranded". The band slowly evolved toward a more sophisticated sound on their next few albums. After several years of solo adventure, Bailey revived The Saints to record Howling in 1996. This album was followed by Everybody Knows the Monkey (1998), Spit the Blues Out (2002), Nothing is Straight in My House (2005), Imperious Delirium (2006) and "King of the Sun" (2012-Australia, 2013-Europe) which were all recorded under the name of The Saints. A cover of The Easybeats' "The Music Goes Round My Head" was issued as a single in December 1988 and featured on the soundtrack to the film Young Einstein. In 1991, Bailey formed the Chris Bailey Combo which...


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