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Joan as Policewoman


Wikipedia Biography

Joan Wasser (born July 26, 1970) is an American violinist, guitarist and singer-songwriter who since 2002 performs under the name Joan As Police Woman. She began her career playing violin with the Dambuilders. She has released four albums as a singer songwriter, the 2006 Real Life the 2008 To Survive the 2011 The Deep Field and the 2014 The Classic. Throughout her career, she has regularly collaborated with other artists as a writer, performer and arranger. Biography: Early Life: Born at the Saint Andre Home in Biddeford, Maine, to an unmarried teenage mother, Wasser was given up for adoption at infancy. She was raised in Norwalk, Connecticut, with her adoptive younger brother, Dan who is an artist. She credits her background as an adoptive child with her 'very extroverted' personality and dressing up a lot. She explained that 'when you are in a situation where you're not blood-related to your family, it does become extremely obvious that you're born with your personality'. Wasser...


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