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Martina Topley-Bird


Wikipedia Biography

Martina Topley-Bird (born 7 May 1975) is an English vocalist and songwriter who first gained fame as the featured female vocalist on trip hop pioneer Tricky's debut album, Maxinquaye. She worked with him on his follow-up albums and, in 2003, released her own solo album, Quixotic. Biography: Martina Topley-Bird is the daughter of well-known British direct marketing specialist, Drayton Bird, and her mother is Salvadoran, Seminole Indian and African American. Her first contact with public persona was as a choir singer at Clifton College. It was while she was a teenager at the school that she met trip hop pioneer Tricky, with whom she worked on his first album Maxinquaye (a printing error credited her as "Martine"). She continued her collaboration with Tricky on his follow-up albums Nearly God, Pre-Millennium Tension and Angels with Dirty Faces. Topley-Bird and Tricky have one child together, a daughter, born around the release of Maxinquaye. Following a falling-out of their...


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