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The Grates


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The Grates are a three-piece indie rock band from Brisbane, Australia. The band consists of vocalist Patience Hodgson, guitarist John Patterson and drummer Ritchie Daniell. The band was brought to national attention when a demo of their single "Trampoline" got air time on Triple J. The Grates have released three studio albums since 2006, two with former drummer Alana Skyring and one with drummer Ben Marshall. The band is best known for their energetic and often sold out live shows. History: John Patterson and Alana Skyring, who both attended Alexandra Hills State High School at Alexandra Hills, Queensland, had been good friends since Year 9, and they met Cleveland State High School student Patience Hodgson in year 12 at a drama class all three were attending at the Alexandra Hills TAFE to avoid physical education classes. Patience didn't discover that she had a singing voice until a night at a karaoke bar, when just as a joke, she performed "A Whole New World", from Aladdin. A...


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