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Archie Roach: Into the Bloodstream

Archie Roach 2012
Nov 23, 2012 Updated Jan 4, 2013
Archie's 11th studio album is this week's feature.


01. Into The Bloodstream

02. Song To Sing 

03. Big Black Train

04. Heal The People

05. Mulyawongk 

06. We Won't Cry (feat.Paul Kelly)

07. Wash My Soul In The River's Flow

08. I'm On Your Side

09. Little By Little

10. Hush Now Babies (feat.Emma Donovan)

11. Top Of The Hill 

12. Old Mission Road


External review:

"Legendary Indigenous Australian songwriter and performer Archie Roach presents another extraordinary album of songs, both personal and universal in their scope. Following terrible personal tragedy, Archie Roach has crafted lyrics that convey tremendous strength and endurance; that celebrate family and place. Musically, the album is filled with an uplifting gospel influence, combined with a soulful country and western sound." 

[ Simon Winkler, RRR]