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Clare Bowditch: The Winter I Chose Happiness

Clare Bowditch at Dig Music HQ 2
Nov 16, 2012 Updated Nov 23, 2012
Clare's fifth studio album is this week's feature on ABC Dig Music.


01 – Let’s Get Happy Together
02 – Thin Skin
03 – One Little River
04 – Amazing Life
05 – Your Love Walks With Me
06 – The One
07 – Cocky Lady
08 – You Will Know
09 – The Big Happy
10 – You Make Me Happy
11 – Are You Ready Yet

External Review:

"All in all, The Winter I Chose Happiness is a great fifth album. It’s engaging, exciting and Clare Bowditch’s voice is just great. The songwriting is different to previous records, but I guess that’s what makes it exciting – that even after doing four albums, Bowditch still has the ability to change it up. I have a feeling that she’ll never fail to inspire and surprise us in future releases. She’s really an asset to the Australian music scene. In her own beautiful words: “May You Remember Your Happiness, and not stop searching until you have.”"

[ The Au Review ]

Also, here's the fantastic Untidy Desk Clare gave us recently...