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Competition: Harvest Art

Canvas full
Nov 23, 2012 Updated Dec 27, 2012
ABC Dig Music is giving you the chance to win a unique piece of art...

You may have seen the top-tastic pics that Cassandra Hannagan took of various musicians backstage at this year's Harvest Festival.

Members of The Dandy Warhols, Ben Folds Five, Dark Dark Dark, Dexy's, Cake, Silversun Pickups, Dark Horses and The Black Angels all added their creative mark - and their autographs - to a large blank canvas we set up for the shoot.

ABC Dig Music is now giving away this unique piece of art, PLUS a framed set of Cassandra's prints.

To be in the running to win this prize, you will need to listen to ABC Dig Music each day during the week of December 3 - 7, at 1pm or 9pm to hear interviews with the Harvest artists and answer the questions we ask about each one.  Then, in a short paragraph, tell us what theme you would like to see for Cassandra's next backstage photoshoot and why. 

Monday – December 3: Sigur Ros What reason does Georg Holm give for Sigur Ros not playing songs from their new album Valtari live at festivals? (Answer: The album is "impossible to reproduce")

Tuesday – December 4: Ben Folds Five Which Ben Folds solo track have the band been recently performing on stage as the Ben Folds Five? (Answer: Landed)

Wednesday – December 5: Dandy Warhols Fill in the blank – a major review called ‘This Machine’, the Dandy Warhols’ latest record, their most [BLANK] record to date. (Answer: Sober)

Thursday – December 6: Cake How was Cake's self-built home studio powered? (Answer: Solar Power)  

Friday - December 7: Dexy's A friend of Kevin Rowland recommended Madeline Hyland to co-sing on the album. What was that friend’s name? (Answer: Phil Dirtbox)

Please note: If you're listening on digital radio you can hear the interviews at 1pm and 9pm where you are, or if you're listening on digital television, the ABC Mobile App or online, the interviews will be broadcast at 1pm and 9pm AEDT.

The competition has closed. 

The winner of the competition was: Samantha Bywaters from South Australia.