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Harvest 2012: Art Gallery

Nov 18, 2012 Updated Feb 8, 2013
Portraits of the artistes backstage as they each add to the ABC Dig Music canvas. Stream all the interviews with the artists right now!



Dark Dark Dark 04-Harvest Portraits 2012

A list of the headliners of Harvest 2012 joined ABC Dig Music backstage to contribute to a very special unique artwork, each group also sat down for a chat. You can hear all the interviews, including an extra chat with Sigur Ros bassist Georg Hólm, above the gallery.

Interviews by Peta Waller-Bryant.

Photography by Cassandra Hannagan.

Artwork by:

The Dandy Warhols

Ben Folds Five


Silversun Pickups


Dark Horses

The Black Angels

Dark Dark Dark