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Knievel: Emerald City

Dec 14, 2012 Updated Jan 11, 2013
The first album from the Sydney band in 12 years is the feature all week on ABC Dig Music.

Knievel is fronted by Wayne Connolly, one of Australia's most in-demand music producers who has worked with the likes of Custard, Youth Group, Silverchair, The Living End, Powderfinger and more.

Connolly formed Knievel with Tracy Ellis and Nick Kennedy in 1995, releasing four albums together. The band's 5th album comes after a 12 year hiatus with the addition of Tim Kevin on guitar.

Track List:

01. Through The Rainbow Dark
02. They Listen Out
03. The Time I Found My Feet
04. Mirrored Hall
05. New Light
06. We Lost Sight of Everyone
07. Will Into Being
08. This Is The Time
09. The Nation Turns Its Eyes
10. Emerald City

External Review:

"Primarily a vehicle for the song writing of Australia’s Greatest Producer Wayne Connolly, Emerald City continues the Knievel tradition. Ten soft, languid songs built for sitting in your backyard on a Sunday afternoon, sipping a frosty beer with a few blades of grass between your toes"

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