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Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: Push the Sky Away

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Feb 22, 2013 Updated Mar 1, 2013
The band's fifteenth studio album is this week's feature...


1. We No Who U R

2. Wide Lovely Eyes

3. Water's Edge

4. Jubilee Street

5. Mermaids

6. We Real Cool

7. Finishing Jubilee Street

8. Higgs Boson Blues

9. Push The Sky Away

External Review:

"If the dirty-old-man noise rock in Grinderman, Nick Cave's other band, was an orgy, the relentlessly laconic Push the Sky Away is pure hangover, an exhausted guy at the end of the bar mumbling about love’s chill and telling creepy conquest stories ("She was a catch/We were a match/I was the match/That would fire up her snatch" – do tell!). The first Seeds LP without co-founder Mick Harvey, Sky is full of tiny sounds – plinking guitars, pulsing bass, lazy subtle drums. "Higgs Boson Blues" is a hilarious bad-Dylan peak, linking Lucifer, Robert Johnson, Hannah Montana and the Lorraine Motel. Can someone make sure Nick is still awake?"

[ Joe Gross, Rolling Stone ]