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Paul Kelly: Spring and Fall

Falls 2010 - Paul Kelly
Nov 9, 2012 Updated Nov 16, 2012
Paul's 19th studio album is this week's feature.

Spring and Fall Track List:

1. New Found Year
2. When A Woman Loves A Man
3. For The Ages
4. Gonna Be Good
5. Someone New
6. Time And Tide
7. Sometimes My Baby
8. Cold As Canada
9. I’m On Your Side
10. None Of Your Business Now
11. Little Aches And Pains
12. Where Are You Roaming (bonus track)

External review:

"Spring and Fall is a beautiful and simple album, with so much of the beauty to be found in its simplicity.Stripped back and raw, the 11 tracks on Spring and Fall amount to a gently piercing musical experience that is hard to turn away from. This is Kelly at his finest - finest songwriting, singing and musicianship."

[ Chris Johnson - The Age ]