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Something For Kate: Leave Your Soul To Science

Something For Kate 2012
Dec 7, 2012 Updated Dec 14, 2012
The sixth studio album from the Melbourne trio is the feature all week on ABC Dig Music.

Track List:

1. Star-Crossed Citizens 3:41
2. Survival Expert 3:16
3. Private Rain 5:00
4. The Kids Will Get the Money 4:52
5. Sooner Or Later You're Gonna Have to Do Something About Me 3:25
6. Miracle Cure 3:21
7. Deep Sea Divers 3:51
8. This Economy 3:46
9. Back to Normal 3:55
10. The Fireball at the End of Everything 4:53
11. Eureka 3:22
12. Begin 3:18

External Review:

"Something For Kate are a little older and certainly wiser, offering an emotional and introspective record where Dempsey’s obtuse lyrics come wrapped up in a polished, relatable and up-tempo musical package. They sound creative, revitalised and, most of all, happy."

[Natalie Salvo - Faster Louder]