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The Bamboos: Medicine Man

The Bamboos
Jun 1, 2012 Updated Jan 4, 2013
The Melbourne collective's seventh studio outing is this week's feaure.


01. I Never                
02. Eliza                
03. I Got Burned                
04. Cut Me Down                
05. Medicine Man                
06. Midnight                
07. What I Know                
08. Where Does the Time Go?                
09. The Wilhelm Scream                
10. Hello Stranger                
11. Window

External review:

"I suppose a good enough adjective for Medicine Man would be ‘warm’. It’s less rooted in the traditional rhythm-driven tunes than The Bamboos’ earlier releases, but just as listenable and appealing. If you’ve got a fever for some funk that’s clean, modern and soulful, The Bamboos’ Medicine Man is good for what ails you".

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