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The Rubens: The Rubens

The Rubens
Sep 13, 2012 Updated Jan 4, 2013
The Menangle quartet's debut disc is this week's feature...

Track Listing:

    The Best We Got
    My Gun
    Never Be The Same
    Lay It Down
    Be Gone
    The Day You Went Away
    I'll Surely Die
    Look Good, Feel Good
    Don't Ever Want To Be Found

External review:

"Tim Rogers once famously quipped that Jet’s Nic Cester could sing the phone book and it would still sound great. Not sure if Tim has come across The Rubens yet, but when he does it’ll be interesting to see what he thinks of Sam Margin’s set of caramel-soaked pipes. Displaying simultaneous smoothness and urgency, Margin leads his brothers (and cousin) through this, The Rubens’ much-anticipated debut with a level of bravado belying their relatively limited experience."

[ Chris Hayden, ]