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Mick Jagger as Ned

For sale: Mick's Aussie missives

POSTED Nov 13, 2012

Mick Jagger's former lover Marsha Hunt is selling love letters he wrote to her from Australia in the late 1960s.

Hunt, now 66 - who was the inspiration behind The Stones hit Brown Sugar and the mother of Jagger's first child - says simply "I'm broke", and has thus decided to part with the series of letters which have been in a bank vault for the past 30 years.

The ten letters up for sale were all written in July and August of 1969 when Jagger was filming Ned Kelly in New South Wales, which was apparently not a terribly happy shoot. Although he waxes lyrical about the Outback – how the early morning mist "turns red and violent then hard and warm" – he refers to the filming process itself as "boring crap".

Source: The Guardian external link