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John Lennon and Mark Chapman

Infamous signed album for sale

POSTED Dec 10, 2012

The copy of 'Double Fantasy' that was signed by John Lennon for his killer Mark Chapman is being sold online.

Chapman's copy of the record gained notoriety after pictures were circulated of Lennon signing it just hours before he was shot and killed in 1980. The record was originally discovered in the front gate flower planter outside The Dakota building where Lennon lived with Yoko Ono and was killed.

The item was submitted as police evidence following the murder and the dust jacket still wears Chapman's forensically enhanced fingerprints. Meanwhile, Mark Chapman was denied parole for the seventh time in August this year.

The price for the item is currently listed as 'available upon request', though the last time it came up for sale in 2003, it was with a reserve of $525,000.

"I have never come across a piece with such provenance; police reports, fingerprint documentation, letters from the District Attorney, it goes on and on." said Bob Zafian, spokesperson for the seller.

Source: NME external link