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Jim talks on Grinderman split

POSTED Dec 15, 2011

Grinderman drummer Jim Sclavunos has spoken about the band's mysterious break up announcement at Meredith Music Festival.

“Well, we were all so devastated at losing all three of our nominations at the ARIA awards that we decided to quit altogether!” he told Faster Louder. T

hough it may not be the last we see from this particular collective; “My crystal ball is a bit low on batteries at the moment so I can’t predict what the future of Grinderman is – if there is a future... I don’t think there should be mourning or rending of garments just yet, let’s wait a few years and see what happens.”

Well at least we know what one quarter of the band will be getting up to, the illustrious Warren Ellis will be working with his old band Dirty Three on their first album together in six years in the first half of 2012.

Source: Faster Louder external link