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Big Pineapple

Music saves the Big Pineapple

POSTED Dec 4, 2012

Queensland's long neglected fruity icon will get a boost from the likes of Birds Of Tokyo, Grinspoon and Regurgitator in April 2013.

Since the tourist attraction was closed to the public in 2010, investors decided to take on the structure in September 2011 to turn it into a venue. The building and its 165 hectares has since been renovated and revitalised.

The Big Pineapple will host its first music festival on the 20th of April 2013, hosting the likes of Birds Of Tokyo, Grinspoon and Regurgitator.

Full lineup:

Birds of Tokyo



British India

The Black Seeds


Ash Grunwald



Chance Waters


Sticky Fingers

Lyall Moloney

Cheap Fakes

Bobby Alu

Golden Sound

Mitch Davis & the Dawn Chorus

The Floating Bridges


Andy Dub (DJ Set)

The Greenroom


Harii Bandhu

Pro Vita

Dave Flower

Alys Longmate

Philbo Bellgins (DJ Set)

Jekks & The Priests of Heka

Mark Moroney

Alan Kelly

Barry Charles & the Deeper Beat


Source: Music Feeds external link