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Ed O'Brien

No net for file-sharers?

POSTED Sep 11, 2009

Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien has spoken out against the UK government's plan to cut off the internet access of persistent illegal file-sharers.

The musician is of the opinion that by attempting to restrict downloads, they will be engaging in an un-winnable war and making enemies of fans.  O'Brien expressed his opinion at a  function for the UK 'Featured Artists Coalition', and was supported in these views by co-members such as Kate Nash, Bill Bragg and Blur's Dave Rowntree.

This recent tussle has come about after the UK government brought forward plans to restrict access as part of their fight against music piracy, but contributes to a global  discussion on how to combat illegal technologies. 

The question for the music industry remains whether to contain illegal activity or attempt to monetise file-sharing.

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