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Ellen Shipley

Pandora's empty box

POSTED Nov 29, 2012

US songwriter Ellen Shipley has revealed the details of her relationship with music recommendation service Pandora.

Shipley's best known song, 'Heaven Is a Place On Earth' - a 1987 hit for Belinda Carlisle - was streamed 3,112,300 times on Pandora during the last three months, for which she received the princely sum of...$39.61.

Needless to say, Ellen was less than impressed with this rate of return: "It is interesting and very disturbing that no one is addressing the SONGWRITER's situation in this Pandora debacle" she says, adding "WHY is it alright for PANDORA to want to exist and grow and earn profits while it is NOT alright for the SONGWRITERS to SURVIVE, be respected, earn a fair royalty?" 


Source: Digital Music News external link