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Sigur Rós

Valtari films finished

POSTED Dec 10, 2012

Sigur Ros has shared the final video from their 'Valtari Mystery Film Experiment', also revealing plans for a DVD release.

In early 2012, the band gave a dozen film makers the same budget and asked them to create videos inspired by songs on the album.

This hands off approach was very unusual for the Icelandic post rockers who are usually very involved with the creation of their film clips. "It was a little bit scary to completely let go," bassist Georg Hólm told ABC Dig Music "we learnt a lot from it and those films are amazing."

The final film, a 10 minute piece entitled Leaning Towards Solace featuring the songs Dauðalogn and Varúð has been released online. You can view the whole film on Vimeo right here.

A DVD collection of all sixteen videos will be released on March 5th 2013.

Valtari Mystery Film Experiment DVD:

01 Varúð (directed by Inga Birgisdóttir)

02 Valtari (directed by Christian Larson) [ft. Ekki Múkk, Valtari, Rembihnútur & Varúð]

03 Ég anda (directed by Ragnar Kjartansson)

04 Ekki múkk (directed by Nicholas Abrahams) 

05 Varðeldur (directed by Clare Langan)

06 Leaning Towards Solace (directed by Floria Sigismondi) [ft. Dauðalogn & Varúð]

07 Seraph (directed byDash Shaw/John Cameron Mitchell) [ft. Rembihnútur & Ekki múkk]

08 Dauðalogn (directed by Ruslan Fedotow)

09 Rembihnútur (directed by Arni & Kinski)

10 Fjögur pianó (directed by Alma Har'el)

11 Ég anda (directed by Ramin Bahrani)

12 Varðeldur (directed by Melika Bass)

13 Varúð (directed by Björn Flóki)

14 Dauðalogn (directed by Henry Jun Wah Lee)

15 Fjögur pianó (directed by Anafelle Liu)

16 Varúð (directed by Ryan McGinley)

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