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Recent Albums
Inspired by a New York sabbatical, Liam's third solo record is packed with his signature cynical observations and trippy, psychedelic grooves.

Monday 7 Apr 10:00am
Sunday 13 Apr 9:00am

Melbourne songwriter Jess Cornelius creates an album full of complex vocal lines and left field pop which will keep you guessing.

Monday 31 Mar 10:00am
Sunday 6 Apr 9:00am

This record is an emotionally raw and candid reflection of the joys and tragedies of life and death: Mark Kozalek at his songwriting best.

Monday 24 Mar 10:00am
Sunday 30 Mar 9:00am

On her first album away from a major record label, the Brisbane singer pushes her wit and vocal range to dizzying new heights.

Monday 17 Mar 10:00am
Sunday 23 Mar 9:00am

The Sydney musician shows his emotional side on a ghostly collection of songs laden with synth, sax and pulsing bass.

Monday 10 Mar 10:00am
Sunday 16 Mar 9:00am

Elbow's floating melodies and intimate moments get a harder edge on an album full of grown up life lessons.

Monday 3 Mar 10:00am
Sunday 9 Mar 9:00am